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Google Cloud Platform

Hello folks, Hope you all are doing fine, and reading this in all your good health. Recently most of us have started reading and studying lots of things specially related to our skills set. One thing which keeps me going

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Homebrew behind a proxy

Hi Guys, I wanted to write this post as I was facing issues while installing formula use homebrew command on Mac OS behind proxy, finally I was able to do it using info given on this page. Its really simple

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What do you think?

I was watching this new Badminton league on Star Sports and started thinking what has started with IPL (India Premier League) and suddenly there are loads of Leagues started around the concept (Auction the player – Buy the player –

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How to For Each in Hash Map in Java 8 using Lambda Expressions

Lambda Expression Java 8 In Java 1.8 (Java 8) this has become lot easier by using forEach method from Aggregate operations(Stream operations) that looks similar to iterators from Iterable Interface. Just copy paste below statement to your code and rename

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Data Evolution

I was reading this article from Ericsson from their Mobility November 2014 report and got to know some details on Mobile/Data trends and future of the Smart Phone with Data technologies like GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/5G. There was one point where they were

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Design Patterns

Hello guys, Last week I got a chance to attend a training on Design Patterns. I would like to share my views on that this is the best way to really learn object-oriented design. After recognizing these Patterns it will

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Financial Dilemna

Is this a start of another Bubble burst – Financial? India is loosing its favourite destination for investment in the world. If you look closely you will find that most of the Blue Chip companies lost significant amount of their

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