How to Save Battery

Hello friends,

Here are some suggestions from my side in order to save your battery. Information gathered from internet and from my experience.

1. First day of battery you should over charge it for half an hour more after your phone is showing Battery full.

2. Later days never charge it often, as Li ion battery comes with limits of number of recharge.

3. Always charge before it runs down.

4. Do not talk much on phone, so avoid long duration calls. Also good for health.

5. Use GPRS mode only when needed, so avoid those applications that syncs with the server more often. Increase the sync time if it needed be.

6. Switch off while you are travelling underground or there is no network, because battery consumption goes higher in order to increase the power of receiver to get the network signals.

7. Better suspend those applications which are in syncing mode while you are sleeping.

8. The best way of recharging battery is while phone is switched off.

9. Do not use UMTS network mode when there is no 3G network.

10. Protect it from direct sunlight.


Thanks guys for reading. Suggestions are welcome.

Nokia BL-5B lithium-ion battery

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Yes, God is there!!!

Believers (film)

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Yes, God is there…

Yet you never been to temple, you still care there is God.

Yet you never been to mountains, you still knows there is God.

Yet you never played any music, you still hear there is God.

Yet you never saw any miracles, you still see there is God.

Yet you never try to pray, you still gets because there is God.

Yet you never faced problems, you still say because there is God.

Yet you never lied and deceived someone, you still say because of God.

Yet you made a mistake, you still get it corrected and say there is God.

Yes my friends, its true there is God. There is an energy behind everything that moves around us, around others. From the ancient philosophers, scientist to the modern philosophers, scientist goes around and find only one thing in common and that is they say is God.

To God,


The Believers. Enjoy and keep smiling. :)