About Nitin Mahesh

Just Simple and frank in attitude. A computer Engineer by default, working in telecommunication and Finance domain. I can say it’s nice to know me.

Right now I am working and exploring latest technology platforms like Big Data, Blockchain, Docker, VR, AI, NLP and little bit of UI.
In nut shell I follow below patterns to advance in my career.

• Build new setup environments(development) for all the involved applications.
• Enabling new channels for teams to start working on new tech platform and completing various POCs to demonstrate new feature.
• Devising new optimisation techniques to change the BAU processes.
• Requirement gathering for upcoming development activities and enhancements and giving estimation for the same.
• Worked as an analyst for the new requirements for checking feasibility
• Responsible for taking Knowledge Transfer for new applications from existing team and to explain the same to the new team being setup for taking care of these applications.
• Involved in daily call with the client for reporting of Project Status.

An Advocate of Ethics, Effective-cum-Efficient Process-oriented approach & Quality delivery, I have persistently refined my skills to multi-task, manage multiple deadlines & deliverables across multiple work streams.

Specialities: Software developer, Quick learner, Team player and Responsible.

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