Subcontinent Suffering

I was going through various articles and I was startled by the fact that entire subcontinent is suffering from the war, hatred. Why it is happening to this beautiful subcontinent. When we go back to ancient ages then we got to know that this Hindustan or you can say subcontinent, was not much indulged in the war. Yes there was some wars fought in between Outsiders and Insiders, hatred between the countries but that was happening for those people who wanted to fight or with those who are trained for the fight. But nowadays innocent people are being attacked and they are the centre of all the attacks. Mumbai attack, Delhi attack, Jaipur attack, Bangalore attack related to India.
           This is not enough India is handling with ULFA, LTTE, and NAXALITES also. These groups are not from outside. They are from India and question is are they fighting for India? No they are fighting for themselves. You can say basic difference between them and terrorist that they are fighting for themselves and terrorist are not sure what they are fighting for, some bunch of sick minded people are deteriorating their mind and they’re playing with their mind. Pakistan struggling and suffering from their internal problems. People there not fighting for the country. If I say that they’re also not sure for what they’re fighting then it won’t be that much wrong. Sri Lanka for a long period they’re fighting with LTTE. They are now just want to end this but LTTE doesn’t seem to be stopped.
            Bangladesh fighting with corruption, instead of having a great cultivated land still they not up to the mark to utilize that land, they’re also indulged with the war and internal fight. Nepal now only they’ve come out with the monarchy system but still their power is not in right hand. They need real leader, who can lay a path for them a path to their success. Let’s see what will happen to their future. Afghanistan still suffering with the Taliban, US somehow managed to end the worst era for the Taliban’s, Iraq they were able to conquered, Saddam was already hanged till death by them. But they’re still fighting with the Taliban’s.
          Osama Bin Laden is dead as per US Government but nobody saw the dead body. There also innocent people are under the target. They are being target by terrorist and sick minded people. Whole subcontinent is suffering. Terrorism spreading more and more day by day. People can not live happy, they’ve so much tension to live this life, entire life they spent thinking what is the current price of fuel, rent, money, vegetables and all. A very few people go above this and think about other things, things like how they can contribute to this society, this city, this state and to country.
I am going away from my actual topic. So my question was why this is happening to this sub continent. This Subcontinent consists of INDIA, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, and AFGHANISTAN.
So if you see every country is suffering from something related to war, attack, terrorism, hatred, internal issues. So why this sub continent is suffering. Is it cursed if I state in terms of superstitions or is it because we are not in developed condition? Earlier when we used to be wealthier than any country in the world, was there any problem? Way back then we were not dependent for anything on anyone. So what happened to our happiness? Who stole that cream of our life, our ultimate happiness?
Because of the greed of power, money we’ve already sold out our cultural values to other. They called us third world countries, but can someone ask them to flip the pages of history and find who we were and how we have become like this. They were the people who even not existed in the world. Nobody knows that a big continent even existed way back 600 years back.
Now the real question why the problems are increasing with every tick of time. In India now the tension is for election, who is going to be the next PM. Many tactics are being developed within the party and with the parties. What will be your price, what do you want in the parliament, which section do you want to lead blah. But they are deviating themselves with the ultimate question How they can change the India. How they can SAVE it? What are they going to improve the position of INDIA in the next few years? China, everyone is saying is a threat to India’s development. Yes you can say that but point is how you can catch China? See we’re lagging far behind of China in every aspect whether you take numbers, area, development, growth. Yes they are growing, and world will go with them, because they’re going to the next power of the world.
In US we have seen the biggest change in their history. A man with the African roots and is now sits on the most powerful seat of the world and moreover he was elected by their people. Why the questions itself say WHY? And answer could be because they wanted to see CHANGE. The wave of change started now by electing Obama they’ve shown to the world that they don’t consider their preconceived decision whom they’re going to elect, they don’t bother who is going to lead them now whether he is black or white. They just want that person who can suggest the change, change in everything, change in their living, People are now really tensed by listening now or than that power of the world is slightly shifting to the east. Now you can say so they don’t want to see at the broader level of vision, the ultimate balance of power. Then I would suggest you to think yourselves if this is the question why would they would’ve elected a person who is not even consider as true American by others. They elected him because of thinking. You know people actually crying when he was declared as the next President of US. You can clearly see that glow, that shine in their eyes. They were pretty clear, they’ve shown the world they want Change.
Now I put this question to all of you, how can you save this Subcontinent? Is there any need of change in leadership as it already happened in the US? So who is going to give that feel of change? Ask yourself, think and answer it?
I urge you to contribute something to this world back.