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How to For Each in Hash Map in Java 8 using Lambda Expressions

Lambda Expression Java 8 In Java 1.8 (Java 8) this has become lot easier by using forEach method from Aggregate operations(Stream operations) that looks similar to iterators from Iterable Interface. Just copy paste below statement to your code and rename

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Design Patterns

Hello guys, Last week I got a chance to attend a training on Design Patterns. I would like to share my views on that this is the best way to really learn object-oriented design. After recognizing these Patterns it will

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Nokia Lumia 920 in Newyork from the verge

So people are shouting Switch to Lumia. Well lets see what do you have Mr. Nokia Lumia 920. – Wireless Charging : That is something Apple does not have. – Nokia SmartShoot lets your remove unwanted objects in photos.  That

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Reserve Bank of India

Hello Friends, Today I am going to discuss about Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This is central bank of India. It was established in 1934 as a private bank, government owned and it was not a commercial bank but its

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How to remove extra characters in UNIX file using NotePad Plus Plus

Hi Guys, Today i was facing some problem while viewing UNIX files on my system using NotePad ++. There were some unwanted characters in the file that were causing pain to read the file. These are the steps how to

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How to Save Battery

Hello friends, Here are some suggestions from my side in order to save your battery. Information gathered from internet and from my experience. 1. First day of battery you should over charge it for half an hour more after your

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Yes, God is there!!!

Yes, God is there… Yet you never been to temple, you still care there is God. Yet you never been to mountains, you still knows there is God. Yet you never played any music, you still hear there is God.

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Dragon, Fly – Android v/s iOS

Hello Dear Friends, I happened to get a chance to play new game called “Dragon, Fly” on one of my friends’ Samsung GS1. I will say it was total addiction. I would like to write some of my views: Pros:

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